Learn French Verbs – Let’s Conjugate The Verb (Manger) At The Present Tense!

Learning a new language can be very scary for many people. Learning French is not easy for native English speakers because the grammar is totally different. Plus conjugation is way more complex. You have a lot to learn, but when you finally speak the language of romance, you’ll have a pretty good feeling of accomplishment.

I have many friends from every part of the word, and I don’t know why, but people from the United State like to speak French like crasy. Some of them even learned a few words at school, like:

1. Bonjour! (Hi)

2. Comment ca va? (How are you)

3. Comment tu t’apelles? (what’s your name)

Let’s look at the third example: “Comment tu t’apelles”. The sentence’s structure is completely different in French. You need to conjugate the verb “s’apeller”. It’s not an easy verb to start with, so I will take the verbe: “manger”.

Let’s conjugate this verb at the present tense: “le present”

1. Je mange

2. Tu manges (here you need to add an “s” at the end)

3. il/elle mange

4. Nous mangeons (note that you don’t pronounce the letter “e” after the “g”)

5. Vous mangez (note that you don’t pronounce the last letter “z”)

6. Ils/Elles mangent (you don’t pronounce the last two letters “n” and “t”. In fact, you pronounce this word exactly like you pronounce this one: “mange”)

Learning the French language can be fun. There are many softwares on the Internet that let you learn without moving from home. Some tools even have conjugation games.

A good learn French software is a must if you have a hard time to conjugate.

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