Public Speaking – How To Use Handouts To Connect With Your Audience When You Make Presentations

When you give a speech or other public speaking presentation, make sure you have something to give to the audience members. This will help them to remember you and will also give them a way to contact you later on. Here are 3 tips on how use as a handout the next time you make a public speaking presentation to others.

Find out in advance who your audience is comprised of. This will help you to connect with them and to have a better experience when you give your speech. If you are speaking to a civic organization such as Rotary, you will have a diverse group of professionals from the local community. Give these people a one page outline of what you will be speaking about. Make sure to have your contact information on the handout. Do not give this paper to them until your talk is finished, or they will be likely to look down at it and read instead of listening to you.
When speaking to a group of people who are all in the same line of work, or at least a similar profession, prepare a two to three page handout that can be interactive. You may ask them to write something down and to share what they have written with the group. Depending on how much time you have, you may want to give them an exercise they can do with a partner or in a small group.
If you have lots of information to share with a group you are speaking to, refer them to a blog or website where they can get this information at their convenience. Offer them a special deal if they visit and sign up for your information. You may want to give them a discount code or a free special report for looking at your website or blog.
Using these 3 tips when you give a speech will help you to connect more completely with your audience. Public speaking can open many doors for you and it is good to receive training from people who speak to audiences on a regular basis.

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